What are Pre-Foreclosures?

Pre Foreclosures

A lot of house hunters can be surprised that there are properties that do not finish the foreclosure process. Yet pre foreclosures, as they are called, can still provide amazing savings. Pre foreclosures are mortgaged properties that are on default but owners realize that they would be unable to make up for the payments. At the same time they know what a hassle it is to be in a lawsuit that will downgrade their credit rating. This is the reason why they would resort to offering their pre foreclosures cheap to the market.

Nothing in Between

Dealing directly with the property owner remains the biggest advantage one gets when choosing pre foreclosures. Negotiations become easy to understand since no middle man is involved. The absence of a broker also removes several commissions and fees out of the equation.

Willing to Price Low

Current home owners understand that the sooner they can transfer the ownership of their current property, their credit ratings have a higher chance to become stable. This will prompt them to negotiate pre foreclosures cheap and affordable to buyers. Once an agreeable amount is met, only the paperwork stands between you and your new home.

Looking for Pre Foreclosures

Pre Foreclosure Homes

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