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Government Foreclosures

People seeking a new home can turn to the government in order to acquire houses at discounted prices. Government foreclosures are widely available across the country if know where to look. can help you in scoring cheap government homes through our database of cheap government foreclosures.

Understanding Government Foreclosures

Government Houses

Government foreclosures can be of many forms. The most common are tax related foreclosures that result from homeowners unable to pay their periodic property tax. There are also government institutions that provide ways to get affordable homes such as HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are somewhat identical in that they are involved in providing financing options of properties to individuals. Similarly though, when the payments are not met these institutions seize the properties directly or through banks and then declares them as foreclosed.

Government foreclosures will not earn the government money if they possess it for a long time. It will merely cost them additional maintenance. To entice buyers and investors, they are willing to settle for a discounted amount. These cheap government homes can cost as much as 50% the actual price.

Know What You Want

Now that you know the different government foreclosures available, it is important you consider everything before starting your search. Take note of the number of bed and bath that you need and the location that is close to schools, hospitals, and work. Don't forget to make an assessment of how much you can afford including the extra cost of redecorating the house. Once you have set your requirements head over to and use the search function to show you listings by sate, city or zip code. Our large database of more than a million entries has thousands of different government foreclosures you can choose from.

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